Dr Adile Dogan

Dr Adile Dogan

B.HSci. (Chiropractic), B.Applied Sci (Chiropractic).

Dr Adile graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. Dr Dogan has also completed further studies in Level 1 & 2 in myofasical dry needling and cupping

Dr Dogan has dedicated her studies to become a versatile practitioner whom can assist a range of patients across all ages. Dr Dogan's planned purpose has in turn appealed to many different patients from elite athletes to a business consumed desk worker or the very busy and important lifestyle that many mothers and fathers must endure due to the physical and mental stresses of parenting.

Being diagnosed with Gillian Barre syndrome as a child sparked an interest and fascination in learning about human anatomy and physiology . The amazing job the health professions such as nurses, doctors and physical therapist did, inspired Dr Dogan to work in the health field and assist others.


When treating someone she wants to look at the bigger picture (cause), understanding the individual and what’s important to them. 

Dr Dogan uses a combination of modern chiropractic methods. Dr Dogan has a special interest in treating neck pain, headaches, mid and lower back pains and sport related injury.

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