Bad Posture? We will be doing FREE Postural Checks!!

Do you have bad posture? Do you even know if you have bad posture? For the whole month of May 2016 we will be providing FREE Postural Analysis with our postural evaluation program. If you have had a history of headaches, low back pain, reoccurring sports injuries, sciatica or any type of chronic back pain your posture could be heavily associated with these reoccurring symptoms.

The evaluation will take approximately 20 minutes:

- Your results will be displayed on the screen so you can become aware of your good and/or bad postural habits.

- Our practitioners will provide an in depth analysis of your spinal curves and some helpful tips on how to correct postural weaknesses, and the effects that these weaknesses may be having on your body.

- For those involved in sport, we can determine whether your posture and/or spinal curves are affecting performance or if it may be associated with previous or current injuries.

- Once the evaluation is complete you will be given a report, a treatment program and any images that were taken upon assessment.

Click on the 'Contact Us' tab and either send us a message with the subject "FREE Postural Check" or call us on (03) 9379-1539.

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